Bitshift Variations

I've listened to the song Bitshift Variations in C Minor by Robert Miles every once in a while since the Computerphile video it was first featured in came out, and it's just always been calming to me. In 2018 or 2019 (can never recall when my projects were), I got obsessed for a few days with it, figuring out how it worked and trying to reverse engineer it and stuff, which I kinda did, eventually resulting in a C# program whose source code was horrible and I will never release, but did produce a MIDI version of the song (I love MIDI music), you can download it here. Here's a version rendered to OGG with some GM piano:

Later in 2023, I was tempted to do a bit more with it, so went ahead and made a version which kinda outputs in higher bitrates, since the 8000Hz output of the original sounds a bit off sometimes. Someone could definitely do this better, it's just something I threw together in a few minutes with trial and error. Here's the C code, which you can play the same way as the original (although at 64kHz, rather than 8kHz). And here's a FLAC file with the output: